Film Related

  • Night Into Day (In-Progress)


    A perfectionist baker screws up an important cake order for the human realm and upon the outbreak of a chocolate fever epidemic, sets out for an antidote before the humans slip into food comas for life.

    The Prophecy

    In a hundred years’ time,

    a wizard girl will rise

    with a wand of silver lime

    and ice lavender eyes,

    to slay the truth above,

    push life into her prey.

    She’ll sever hate into love

    and turn night into day.

  • Sired (In-Progress)


    An obsessive fan girl sneaks into the book world of her favorite author's latest novel on a mission to change it into the perfect story and rescue the lead character, Troy from certain death. 


               Sired is a feature length animated film about Rose, an obsessed, neurotic fan girl, who waits outside the bookstore overnight to purchase her favorite author’s latest book, only to become infuriated that the author kills off her favorite character, Troy on the last page. Rose breaks into the author’s house to destroy the last page of the original manuscript, thinking it’ll somehow save Troy, when she discovers that she has the power to go into the book. Once inside, Rose befriends the book characters and starts making changes to the story.

               When the author finds out, she attempts to stop Rose by writing herself in as Nym, the spirit of the story world, but Rose defeats and imprisons Nym in a magic orb, to which the author rewrites Troy as a ruthless killer out to get her. Their changes cause the story world to collapse, setting off natural disasters and making other characters deathly ill. Rose then seeks for the Diamond of the Sea, a stone said to give its user the power to reverse time and after an intense battle against Nym, who Troy unleashed, Rose activates the stone and fixes the story world. Troy pushes her into the sea and Rose wakes up gasping for air to find out it was all a dream.