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  • Atargatis

                Almond eyes, bushy tail, clawed but cute: the perfect disguise for a killer. Its brain is small, but full of valuable information on all the secret locations of its strategically hidden treasures. Greed is its only weakness, the greed for acorns. It can’t control the urge to get to that acorn whether there’s danger involved or it’s simply too far away. When it gets that urge, no one can stop them, not even humans. No one should get in the way of a squirrel and its acorn. No one.

                Humans learned this the hard way a long time ago when a fair maiden of about sixteen years of age chose to harass a squirrel and was rewarded with a lifetime of confinement to the water. Toxic, disease carrying waters. Waters that mutated her into what people back then considered a beast. 

    (short intro excerpt of a folktale story I'm working on)